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The Half-Arsed Three
Half-Arsed Thursday
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The Half-Arsed Three

The Half-Arsed Three

The Half-Arsed Three
Ben Hendry (drums), Enio Pozzebon (keyboards) and Vincenzo Ruberto (bass) have worked on a startling array of projects, both together and individually - between them, they've worked with (or more often as part of) Flap!, Martin Martini & The Bone Palace Orchestra, KEATING!, the Drowsy Drivers, Shane Warne: The Musical, the Twoks, Die Roten Punkte, Black Taxi, Sunny Ray And The Magnificent Moon and much, much, much more. Now, bound together in a sacred blood rite and sworn to protect the bonds of groovedom, they stand as the Half-Arsed Three, protectors of all that is something-or-other; they're ready to play reggae, roots, swing, dub, pop, jazz, schmazz, soul, r&b, folk, funk and anything else that may occur to them over the course of a night.
Casey Bennetto
Your host Casey Bennetto is nowadays best known for writing the musical KEATING!, for his occasional contributions to 3RRR and for a few appearances on Spicks And Specks. He formed the Drowsy Drivers in 1999 and wrote a collection of silly songs for the project, some of which he will unearth with the Half-Arsed Three. He also wrote "A Largely Fanciful History Of The Spiegeltent", which premiered in October 2008 featuring all of the Three in the ensemble. His rakish good looks and sexual charisma are exceeded only by his habit of compulsively embellishing any biographical details he may be asked to write.

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