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Julz Hay Productions

Julz Hay Productions

Scott Edgar (guitar, vocals) has been a member of ARIA award-winning comedy act Tripod since 1994, within which he has been writing and playing music of all shapes and sizes. The Universe represents an opportunity for Scod to showcase the less joke-ridden aspects of his songwriting. Scod grew up listening to Nat King Cole, Simon and Garfunkel and They Might be Giants. So you do the math.

Mick Meagher
(double bass, vocals) As well as being a part of the Universe, Michael Meagher plays bass with the Black Arm Band, Impressions Trio ( Ted Vining, Bob Sedergreen), contemporary free jazz ensemble Blow, the Putbacks and K fa Cool. Michael also works actively as a freelance musician.

Rory McDougall (drums) was born in Melbourne in 1979, moved to the country (Daylesford) in 1984, grew up watching his dad play the drums, thanks to him got into playing and listening to a staple diet of 60’s rock and roll and blues, then straight into the local brass band. Totally ruled on the bassdrum till he was promoted to drumkit. Hasn't looked back since.

Doogs is in bands such as the Putbacks and Vada, and plays with the likes of Aaron Choulai and the Black Arm Band.

Eamon McNelis (trumpet, vocals)

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