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Michelle Alina Dabrowski
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Michelle Alina Dabrowski

Michelle Alina Dabrowski

Guests - March 2014

Multi-syllabic rhyme schemes, positive vibrations and rhythmic flows. A versatile and visionary lyricist Zulu Flow transitions seamlessly from laid back, nonchalance into tongue-twisting, shotgun channelling. Zulu aims to inspire and open hearts and minds worldwide, and as founder of the GHC - Global Hip Hop Collective –Zulu Flow will continue to share his thoughts and collaborate creatively as he continually evolves as a visionary voice in these rapidly changing times.

Telia Neville is a Melbourne-based writer and performer who loves long-form language, dance movies and playlists that shift from Jay Z to Megadeth and back again. She has appeared at events such as Women of Letters, Melbourne International Arts Festival and Falls Festival. In 2010 she was nominated for both the Best Newcomer and Golden Gibbo awards at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and in 2011 she was named one of the Sydney Morning Herald’s “Top Ten Comedy Stars of Tomorrow.”


Curated by Michelle Dabrowski, SLAMALAMADINGDONG is quickly putting Melbourne on the national scene as having one of the strongest poetry slam communities in Australia.

A safe space where all poets are truly welcomed and supported.

A true slam-roots style competition which honours founder Marc Smith's "Slam Papi" Philosophy.

A Poetry Slam which brings together beginners, seasoned multi-champion slammers, page poets, rappers, storytellers and about anyone who can rock a mic and hypnotize an audience in under three minutes!



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