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Shaolin Punk

Shaolin Punk

Shaolin Punk is the brainchild of Ben McKenzie, a production company that produces comedy which has a brain, drama which exercises the imagination and fantasy that embraces science.

Scott Gooding (Director) is a distinguished actor and director and is currently Youth Coordinator with the National Theatre Drama School. His acting credits include Australian feature films The Jammed (2007) and The Tumbler (2008), while his directing history includes McKenzie's 2007 MICF show Science-ology, and Sergei Belbel's Caresses and After The Rain for his own theatre company, "Vicious Fish Theatre".

Rob Lloyd (Tim Brooke-Taylor) is an actor, comedian and improviser, well-known from musical trio The Dodge, impro group The Crew, and most recently comedy troupe Hound of the Baskervilles, whose latest production is Every Film Ever Made ("one hell of a ride: non-stop, exhaustive, exhausting, energetic and hilarious" - The Age). He has also featured on Thank God You're Here for Channel 10.

Ben McKenzie (writer/producer/Graeme Garden) was recently described as "one of the kings of Melbourne geek comedy". An actor, comedian and improviser, Ben is best known for his impro work with The Crew and his "The Man in the Lab Coat" science comedy shows, including Science-ology ("smart, funny and educational" - The Age) and this year's Melbourne Museum Comedy Tour. He is also a familiar face on Channel 31 as one of the writers and presenters of popular (and often
repeated) variety show Planet Nerd.

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Website: http://shaolinpunk.net/

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