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4-Way Split 7 Inch EP Launch

13th Aug 2016

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Presenter: Richie 1250 & The Brides of Christ
Event Duration: 390 minutes

Long-time musical besties  Richie 1250 & The Brides of Christ, Sugar Fed Leopards, TEK TEK Ensemble and Empat Lima have banded together to release a 4-way split 7” EP, and they’re celebrating with a grand launch party at the grandest old dancehall in town, the glorious Bella Union.

Oh, there’ll be costumes and backdrops and dancers and special guests and all sorts of wonderment, darlings.

The 7” EP features one song from each group and it's limited to 150 copies, so get a ticket to the show and a record in your hot little hand before they disappear into the collection of some other fabulous felines forever ...

DOORS OPEN @ 8.00PM ... dancing until 3.00AM!

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