Past Event

2012 Trades Hall Comedy Shows

29th Mar 2012 - 22nd Apr 2012

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Presenter: Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Event Duration: 300 minutes

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival return to Trades Hall in 2012 with a lively selection of stand-up, theatre and musical comedy.

TIX - Al Newstead in Al's Musical Rant: The Difficult Second Rant

TIX - Cy Fahey & Frederich Johns in Cy & Fred: Figments and Fragments

TIX - Dead Cat Bounce in Howl of The She-Leopard

TIX - Deanne Smith in Livin' The Sweet Life

TIX - Emma Zammitt in Are You Finished with That?

TIX - Eric Amber in 2012 - End of The Beginning

TIX - John Conway in The New Conway Explosion

TIX - John Cruckshank & Ray Badran in The Cruckshank Raybadran

TIX - John Robertson in Blood and Charm: Disturbing Stories for Disturbing Bedtimes

TIX - Laura Davis in Notes From Birds

TIX - Lawrence Leung in Beginning Middle End

TIX - Mark Thomas in Extreme Rambling (Walking The Wall)

TIX - Mercedes Benz in Awkwardly

TIX - Michael Hing in An Open Letter to Rich White People Concerning Their Role in The Downfall of Civilisation

TIX - Mike McLeish & Fiona Harris in Plus One

TIX - Nath Valvo in Walk of Shame

TIX - Ronny Chieng in The Ron Way

TIX - Seamus McAlary in Eponymous

TIX - Skills in Time in Got Dem Big City Dreams

TIX - Theatre Beating in Constantinople

TIX - The Comedy Zone

TIX - The Squinge

TIX - Tom Binns in Ian D Montfort: Spirit Comedian